What Is Healthy Smoke?


Healthy smoke is smooth blend of natural herbs designed to inspire, relax, increase creativity, promote general well-being, lift your mood, & ease the soul. 


What's In This Stuff?


All natural legal herbs with no synthetic ingredients, tobacco, THC or CBD. Ingredients Include ONLY Chamomile, Peppermint, Sage, Damiana, Chickweed, Mullein, Scullcap, & Mugwort.


Will I Pass My Drug Test?

Yes. None of the ingredients we use are tested for on any drug screenings.

Does This Have Side Effects?


Healthy smoke does not contain nicotine or other harmful antioxidants.

Consult your physician, especially if pregnant or nursing, before opting to herbal smoking as it is also not an exception in bringing side effects when used in very large quantities. 


​How Do I Place An Order?


To place an order click the shop button on the navigation menu to the left or go to Facebook.Com/HealthySmokers and place a order.


Shipping Cost

Shipping costs vary depending upon quantity of order & shipping address.


​Secure Ordering & Payment Options


Order online  using our secure ordering service.

We have taken several steps to keep your payment information secured. 


Returns & Refunds


All product sales will be final with no returns or refunds

Absolutely no exceptions are allowed to protect the integrity of the product.